Registration and Accreditation

All participants attending the Second High-Level Meeting (HLM2) of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation (GPEDC) must register and be accredited with the HLM2 Secretariat for access into the KICC Convention Centre and meeting rooms.

A) Registration of Participants
All participants attending HLM2 must be registered and accredited by   the HLM2 Secretariat. The Government of Kenya has created a dedicated website for the HLM2 (http: with an online registration and accreditation portal. The system will capture the bio data of participants, including their passport size photographs and copies of respective identification documents (Passport).

register    registermotorvehicle

Registration for the Conference is not open to the general public. Each State or International Organization/ entity shall designate in writing (Note-Verbale), a Delegation Coordinator (DC) who shall be responsible for the registration of its participants including the collection of the badges and vehicle passes on behalf of the delegation. Delegations are required to notify the Secretariat of the name and contact details of the designated DC by 24th October 2016 who shall in turn be given a username and a password to enable them to carry out registration of the participants. Only the DC using the supplied credentials shall be allowed to access the online registration form.

The DCs of the participating State or International Organization/ entity are charged with the responsibility of identification and registration of their respective nationals / participants; including government officials and non-State Actors like Private Sector Representatives. Civil Society Organizations and Foundations should also forward the name of their DC who will register all their participants. Access badges shall be strictly issued only to persons who have been duly registered and accredited.

The DCs are required to forward their delegation lists under the cover of a Note-Verbale, or official letter from the respective organization not later than 14th November 2016. Each DC shall be responsible to ensure the delegation list(s) sent by the note verbaleor official letter matches the details captured by the online registration system. The secretariat shall proceed to process badges for every individual that will have been captured in both the note verbale or official letter and the online registration system. In order to facilitate smooth processing of the badges, kindly input the delegation list in the format below when writing the note verbale or official letter.

  Full Names Title Document Type Document No. Country of Nationality Organisation Designation
1 JOEL NADEBU SANDE AMB. PASSPORT 21772026 ZAMBIA Min of Interior Head of Delegation
3 JOEL ELISHAM DR. PASSPORT A15028578 ZAMBIA National Treasury Delegate

Please note that entry into KICC shall strictly be by presentation of a conference identification  badge while participation at the Opening Ceremony, High Level Meetings on 30th November and 1st December and the closing ceremony shall strictly be by an overlay pass and shall be1 + 3for every member State and (development partners) and 1 + 1 for other invited organizations. The overlay passes will similarly be given to the DCs as they collect the badges.

B) Registration of and Access by Motor Vehicles
The Government of Kenya will provide transport to and from the Conference venue for all delegations and participants attending the conference.In special circumstances where some delegations may require using their own vehicles, the specific request must be submitted to the HLM2 Secretariat for further guidance and approval.

Access to the Conference venue (‘the red zone’) shall be strictly restricted to officially registered and accredited vehicles and drivers done using the HLM2 website by the same aforementioned Delegation Coordinators.

Only motor vehicles assigned to Heads of Delegation shall be allowed access into the Conference venue (KICC)
The motor vehicle passes shall be issued at the Accreditation Centre and collected by the DCs.

C) Media Accreditation and Basic Guidelines
All Media personnel (journalists) intending to cover HLM2 must be duly accredited and in some instances, must obtain a HLM2 Press Card to be issued by the Press Liaison Office at the accreditation Centre. Journalists who will not have been registered through Delegation Coordinators are required to contact the HLM2 Secretariat of the Government of Kenya by 31st October 2016 or earlier, for appropriate help and direction. The mandatory required documents shall be the journalist’s national identification document (passport or ID) and the press card indicating the company or media house they represent;

The host country for HLM2 will designate an official photographer and in close collaboration with the press liaison office, establish a common online portal from where still pictures can also be downloaded.

The host Government reserves the right to vet all media equipment that will be used to cover the conference; specifically cameras, and microphones. The use of drone cameras during the conference is expressly prohibited.

Pool press cards will also be required for coverage of bilateral meetings between countries. The media will be guided by the Press Liaison Office if the event takes place in a restricted area.

Journalists are not permitted to publicize the distributed Media Programme or use it as a source of news.

D) Accreditation Centre
The contact address for the accreditation Centre is as indicated here below:
Charter Hall
Nairobi City County,
City Hall Way
Nairobi, Kenya
Accreditation Center Tel: +254 795 744357 or +254 795 744354 (Telephone Contacts will be active from 18th November to 1st December 2016)
The Accreditation Centre will be open from 18th November to 1st December 2016.